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Downtime, attacks, network issues, and unproductive employees is NOT an option for TechResolve or your business! Every member of our team understands that and embraces being a "rapid responder" to any technical challenge that may impact your productivity and everyday functioning. We maintain an environment where entrepreneurship, forward thinking, and generating solutions that are continuous and irreproachable are not only rewarded but the norm. 

Solutions are Second Nature. It's our "habit". If customer service and problems solved are important to you, then WE are important to you. View our Capabilities Statement here.


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Traditional ways of doing help desk support is costly on both physical infrastructure and human capital. We can devise a plan that will help reduce your IT support budgets while increasing service level metrics. Integrating innovation, cloud computing, AI/ML, SIEM, ITOM into your Tier 1 and some Tier 2 functions will improve efficiency and overall productivity of your business model. 



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Your network is the backbone to the connectivity of all your users, departments, and locations. We interconnect remote IT support with cloud services, simple network design & architecture and DevOps to help you get the most out of your network. Our engineers provide you with the network expertise and application experience you need to augment your team. 



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Having the right monitoring tools and a team with in-depth expertise in place helps reduce your vulnerability and downtime should a breach occur. We can customize tools to provide synergy with your existing infrastructure to better monitor your network traffic, engage in vulnerability management, and ensure you have secure data backups and a recovery plan in place.

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