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Meet the Team 
About the CEO

Christopher King

Managing Principal


A full stack developer and venture entrepreneur, professor, and mentor, Christopher brings strategic experience to balance all things TechResolve from agile methodologies to business case analysis to building collaborative team environments. Christopher is a Howard University grad. 

Kathy Moore



A finance guru and business operations leader, Kathy brings a wealth of expertise spanning decades of financial oversight with a particular focus on and a solid success rate in helping emerging small business grow from the ground up. Kathy is a George Mason University grad. 

Habeeb Hijazi

Director of BD


Immersed in sales & business development, Habeeb's background spans from the arts to biology and IT. He leads efforts to align TechResolve's business model with federal and state opportunities. Habeeb is a University of Maryland Baltimore County grad. 

Jessica Martin

Director of Marketing & Communications


A growth marketing leader from B2B to large enterprise IT, Jessica has led marketing initiatives and departments to successfully launch plans for new or expanded products as well as new innovative campaigns to establish a global footprint. Jessica is a University Maryland grad. 

Adam Snowden

Director of IT Operations


Seasoned system administrator, cyber incident analyst, cloud engineer, and help desk manager, Adam bring a diverse technical skill set to leading the new initiatives of TechResolve. Holding multiple global IT certifications, Adam is a Temple University Grad.

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