Today's climate demands your IT systems operate efficiently & are interconnected, are highly secure, and be online 24 hours a day.

TechResolve, Inc. provides integrated IT support, data solutions and networking services that allow you or your company to maintain peak levels of performance and productivity while maintaining security.

The ideal professional IT support

All about IT

Our certified IT technicians and computer engineers excel with design, deployment, and maintaining IT systems. Whether you are an individual user, small business or large corporation, we can handle all your IT support needs. Our team is available when you need us to provide continual monitoring and support. Remote and on-site services ensure you receive optimal service anywhere and at anytime.

Integrated Services

  • IT Support & Maintenance

  • Major Deployments & Migrations

  • Network Admin & Security Monitoring

  • Service Contracts

  • AIOps Integration & Management

Customer Service


Excellent customer service is hard to come by in today's climate. For TechResolve, it is one of our core operating values. Our customer service commitment is to provide you optimal solutions from a reliable team that gives you confidence that the work we do exceeds your expectations.

1. All About IT

2. Integrated Services

3. Customer Service

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

"TechResolve is the most professional and knowledgeable IT service provider I have ever worked with. They are incredibly innovative in their thinking and very focused in delivering lasting solutions."- Laura P. Nonprofit Operations Director